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28 de agosto de 2013

Hello Yellow

This week had a great start. Before having breakfast with my boyfriend, we went to a peaceful spot at Old San Juan apart from all. We sat at a bench under a tree and enjoy the view, which was very relaxing and inspiring. Since summer is fading away, I wore one of my favorite dresses to say goodbye to this very warm season. I have this dress since I was fourteen years old and I never stopped loving it. I bought it to a local designer that happens to be an old friend of mine: Hebe Margarita. The good thing is that it never goes out of style and I can style it differently every time I wear it. I can also wear it in fall with a pair of tights and ballerinas. The sixties retro vibe of this dress is my favorite thing, and obviously the very fun pattern. This time I styled it with a pair of last season's Zara flats, a brown belt, a forever 21 purse and Urban Outfitters sunglasses. 
After having breakfast, we stopped at a tiny but good local coffee shop called Finca Cialitos (which I loved). The coffee was great and it had a very friendly and welcoming ambient. I really needed this good start of a very busy-never-ending week.

Andrea Devoto


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