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21 de abril de 2015


When the end-of-the-semester stress and midweek feels attack, all you need are some relaxing tunes to help you get through the day without feeling like your brain would explode.  I take advantage of the hours between my classes to read, study, and/or eat while listening to some pleasant songs, like the ones on this playlist.  It's the best way to stay motivated yet calm and a therapeutic way to relieve stress.

I hope this playlist suits you well and that you enjoy the new section, Culture Club. If you have any song recommendations to listen to when studying, leave it in the comments.  

More good things are coming to this section soon, so stay tuned.

Andrea Devoto

20 de abril de 2015


Necklace c/o: PineappleHeart / Shirt: Marshalls / Skirt: F21 / Sandals: Zara / Sunglasses: UO

Last month, I introduced a different yet classic fabric to my wardrobe: Suede.  As we all know, the Seventies are everywhere this Spring giving a modern take to what François Hardy and Jane Birkin probably once wore. As much as I like the style of that era, dressing up as a character from Almost Famous is a thing I would like to avoid, because: 1.) Is not completely my style and 2.) It's not Halloween yet. 

My advice on pulling off the Seventies-inspired look is to incorporate one piece to your attire that would be the main character; such as your flared jeans or —in my case— a buttoned down suede skirt. The rest of my ensemble was just a combination of my go-to pieces which kept the look true to my personal style.

Would you dare to try it?

Andrea Devoto

3 de marzo de 2015


Wearing: Clutch c/o Ama Pena | Sunglasses: ZeroUV c/o Be You Eyewear | Shoes: F21 | Jeans: Zara | Shirt: Marshall's

I may confess that Delpozo has me dreaming about all the possible ways to style my white shirt for Spring 2015.  I'm all about this timeless yet modern classic item which you can blend into your ensemble or make it stand out.  A crisp white shirt can elevate your attire and make it look polished and mature.  Just take a look at Carolina Herrera's signature look.  I took a first step into this trend by pairing it with my favorite skinny jeans --because a pair of well-fitted jeans can never go wrong.  

You might be wondering where did I get that clutch.  Well, a few months ago, a designer called   Ama Peña contacted me via email to introduce me to her designs.  She then sent me this clutch with a post card and a handwritten letter telling me the story behind her creations.  As a student, Peña figured out a way to make money without having to invest in expensive materials.  She took advantage of her old clothes to make clutches which made her very interested in pieces with a history behind them.  She moved to New York almost two years ago to follow her dreams which involved her passion for textiles and design.  Her amazing designs are proof that this designer has a good attention to details and the eye for good quality pieces.  This clutch in particular is the perfect addition to a sophisticated yet casual ensemble.  Want to know more about her work?  Follow Ama Peña on Instagram and like her page on Facebook.

Thanks for passing by! 

Andrea Devoto

11 de febrero de 2015


Online shopping is cool and everything, but there's nothing better than having the full experience of shopping 'till you drop.  Here in Puerto Rico, our options are very limited when it comes to buying quality clothing or accessories.  Personally, I go to the mall and buy only from three stores and the things I truly covet, I only find them online.  But the struggle is over thanks to the opening of the Mall of San Juan alongside the arrival of the first Nordstrom store in the Island.  The question is: are you ready?

A year ago, I was contacted by the social media manager of Nordstrom to participate in a meeting they were having with the purpose of getting to know the market.  I was beyond excited to meet the Nordstrom team and to be part of the experience.  A few months later they came back to host a couple of parties and to give us some sneak peeks and details about how the store was going to be like.  That was when I received the news that I was going to be featured on the store opening campaign "Meet Your Neighbors".

The journey has been incredible.  I would have never in my life imagine that I would be appearing in a Nordstrom campaign.  The other day a friend sent me a photo of me on a giant screen ad announcing the opening of the store.  I started jumping of happiness and my eyes got all teary.  Yes, it was a really emotional moment.  Still pinching myself over this.  I'm more than thankful to everyone of you who have been supporting me and also, to the Nordstrom team for including me in this project and for being such sweethearts.  There are no words to describe my happiness right now.  

The store will be opening their doors on March 26, but before that, you can check here all the amazing events that are going to be happening before the official opening.  Don't miss it!  
Also, check all the "Meet Your Neighbors" campaign profiles which I got featured in here

Thank you all, again for your congratulations.  They mean a lot.
Andrea Devoto

Wearing: PineappleHeart Necklace

7 de enero de 2015


As some of you may know, I love denim and I just can't hide it.  A pair of jeans make me feel in my comfort zone no matter where I go.  I call it my second skin for this particular reason.  The cool thing about denim —besides being cool— is that it is extremely versatile, and I'm all about investing in pieces that can be worn from day to night and, most importantly, that never go out of style.  You can dress up your jeans by adding a classic pair of pumps or dress down a fancy dress by adding a jean jacket.  It is all about the balancing act and making sure to style it the right way.

Nothing is more satisfying for me than finding a denim piece with the perfect wash and the perfect fit —and of course, with a reasonable price.   

After reading a little about the history of denim, I feel even more motivated and proud to be wearing such a revolutionary fabric, and it blows my mind how much it has been modified throughout the years.  Who would have thought that a pair of jeans could be worn by women in stilettos and that it could be appearing in the runways? Crazy huh?

What do you know about denim? How do you incorporate it in your style?
Share your tips in the comments!

Andrea Devoto

5 de enero de 2015


Necklace: Pineappleheart | Sunglasses: Zero UV from Be You Eyewear | Blazer: Marshall's | Shoes: UO | Dress: F21

I will never ditch neutral colors, yet I always have the urge to experiment with some brights.  The secret is to select a bright item to be the main focus and keep the rest in neutral colors.  In this particular case, I chose this Cobalt blue knee length blazer as the main character which reminds me of a superhero cape.  Whether it might be the bright blue or the cape-like shape, this blazer always makes me feel like flying.  The real power is that, no matter where you go, it will always make you stand out. 

Thanks for passing by!

Andrea Devoto



30 de diciembre de 2014

2014 RECAP

2014 gave me so many things to be thankful for.  I had the chance to meet a lot of amazing people throughout the year who have inspired me and helped me in this beautiful journey.  There have been ups as much as downs, yet I learned to stand up and continue on my own path.  I shall never spend my energy on negative things and most importantly...I shall follow my own dreams.

This was the second year since I created Andrea's Devotion.  At first, I started the blog just to upload inspirational images and practice my writing.  All of a sudden, I started posting my personal style which has helped me to experiment and to discover my own self.

Here are just a few highlights of a great year:  

Which one is your favorite look?

The first one was by Ingrid Rivera for The Book of Life movie makeup tutorial.

The first one was taken by my dad who have been helping me to achieve amazing pictures lately.  The last two were from a collaboration I did with Steph Segarra.

I want to give a special thanks to Daniela Sirí from PineappleHeart Jewelry who believed in me from the very beginning.   We have been collaborating for a while now, and it is always a pleasure to work with such a talented and inspirational person. 

Last but not least, thanks to all of you who have stuck around and collaborated with the blog in any way possible.  Your support is always well appreciated.

I'm ready for a new year and for all of the incredible things that I'm waiting anxiously to show you.

May all of you have a wonderful year!

Andrea Devoto