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11 de febrero de 2015


Online shopping is cool and everything, but there's nothing better than having the full experience of shopping 'till you drop.  Here in Puerto Rico, our options are very limited when it comes to buying quality clothing or accessories.  Personally, I go to the mall and buy only from three stores and the things I truly covet, I only find them online.  But the struggle is over thanks to the opening of the Mall of San Juan alongside the arrival of the first Nordstrom store in the Island.  The question is: are you ready?

A year ago, I was contacted by the social media manager of Nordstrom to participate in a meeting they were having with the purpose of getting to know the market.  I was beyond excited to meet the Nordstrom team and to be part of the experience.  A few months later they came back to host a couple of parties and to give us some sneak peeks and details about how the store was going to be like.  That was when I received the news that I was going to be featured on the store opening campaign "Meet Your Neighbors".

The journey has been incredible.  I would have never in my life imagine that I would be appearing in a Nordstrom campaign.  The other day a friend sent me a photo of me on a giant screen ad announcing the opening of the store.  I started jumping of happiness and my eyes got all teary.  Yes, it was a really emotional moment.  Still pinching myself over this.  I'm more than thankful to everyone of you who have been supporting me and also, to the Nordstrom team for including me in this project and for being such sweethearts.  There are no words to describe my happiness right now.  

The store will be opening their doors on March 26, but before that, you can check here all the amazing events that are going to be happening before the official opening.  Don't miss it!  
Also, check all the "Meet Your Neighbors" campaign profiles which I got featured in here

Thank you all, again for your congratulations.  They mean a lot.
Andrea Devoto

Wearing: PineappleHeart Necklace

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  1. Me encanta esa falda! Son aguavivas? Chulísima!

  2. Can't wait to shop at Nordstrom. I'm Loving the outfit with the skirt <3


  3. Love the outfit and the photographs capture it beautifully. I'm a fan of your white framed shades too.


  4. Hi Andrea :) I've been following your blog for a while and I absolutely love it! You always have the cutest outfits (that crop top is lovely)!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog: Hope you'll take the time to answer all the questions. I'd love to get to know more about your favorite things! Have a great day!