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7 de enero de 2015


As some of you may know, I love denim and I just can't hide it.  A pair of jeans make me feel in my comfort zone no matter where I go.  I call it my second skin for this particular reason.  The cool thing about denim —besides being cool— is that it is extremely versatile, and I'm all about investing in pieces that can be worn from day to night and, most importantly, that never go out of style.  You can dress up your jeans by adding a classic pair of pumps or dress down a fancy dress by adding a jean jacket.  It is all about the balancing act and making sure to style it the right way.

Nothing is more satisfying for me than finding a denim piece with the perfect wash and the perfect fit —and of course, with a reasonable price.   

After reading a little about the history of denim, I feel even more motivated and proud to be wearing such a revolutionary fabric, and it blows my mind how much it has been modified throughout the years.  Who would have thought that a pair of jeans could be worn by women in stilettos and that it could be appearing in the runways? Crazy huh?

What do you know about denim? How do you incorporate it in your style?
Share your tips in the comments!

Andrea Devoto

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