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3 de noviembre de 2013

Perfect Little Black Dress

About a week ago, I attended the Escuela de Artes Plásticas' show for the PRHFW. I was running late —fashionably, of course—, I forgot to charge my camera's battery and already had my hands full trying to survive an afternoon heat wave. I just had to improvise and take some pictures of my outfit as quick as possible with my phone. Luckily, improvisation has always been my strong suit. 

Usually, last minute fashion problems aren't a challenge, but arranging this outfit became quite an ordeal. I had this dress a while from now and I couldn't find —as always— an ocassion to wear it. I consider it the perfect little black dress. It has this perfect shape that fits my body pretty great. My only concern with this dress was how simple it was. Even thought I was taking a minimalist approach to constructing this look, standing out was definetly a priority. The first thing that came to mind: a statement necklace. They give the outfit an effortless but stylish touch of cool. I wanted to look classy and what is more classy than pearls? Exactly, nothing. But the outfit looked too mature for the occasion. Then this 'crazy' idea came to my mind: I decided to wear my mesh top underneath the dress. And voilá! The end result was classy and fun, yet sophisticated look. After playing a long soccer game the day before, my feet needed some comfort and that's why I chose to wear flats. For the final touch, I always add some color —specially when I'm wearing black. 

Dress & Mesh top: Marshall's
Shoes: Zara
Purse & Necklace: Forever 21

Andrea Devoto

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