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25 de enero de 2014

Wearing Layers

It was my first day at Florida and I couldn't believe how cold the weather was —even thought it was really sunny outside. Sincerely, I just wanted to stay at the hotel drinking hot chocolate all day long. I'm glad I bought this jacket, not just because I fell in love with it, but because it kept me warm during my week at the Orange County. 
For day one, I managed to combine it with a double denim attire. The next day was colder, so I sported a black knit over a denim shirt, and over that, my lovely jacket. To complete my ensemble, I experimented matching white jeans and my brown desert boots. 
It was fun playing with layers, but I couldn't wait to get back to my warm and beautiful island.

How do you manage to keep warm and stylish when it's freezing outside? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!
Andrea Devoto

Outfit #1: 
Jeans & jacket: Zara
Denim shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Marshall's
Sunglasses: F21

Outfit #2
Knit: Zara
Denim shirt & white jeans: Marshall's
Desert boots: Clark's

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