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19 de octubre de 2013

Garden of Inspirations

The day was horribly hot. No leaf was moving and the humidity here is beyond all bearing. It was the perfect excuse to take a break from my school work. My boyfriend showed me this incredible place — my favorite from now on — which took my mind away from all the stress. There's nothing that nature can't cure. 

I like having a busy life, it makes me appreciate the little things. At the same time, I wish I could have more time to enjoy the things I love — like spending time with my mate and my cute little dog. 

In places like these is where I find inspiration. The sun illuminates my hungry soul and I inmediately start craving for the future. My future. All I can think is what to do next and how I can create my own ideas. I think about colors, textures, structures, combinations, etc. I think artistically. Minimal. Simple. Nature is my main inspiration — it looks simple but it is more than that. It has its mysteries and that's what art is all about. I'm like Willy Wonka searching for a new candy recipe, looking for something never tasted before. I need a trademark, something to stick the essence of my style with. I'm almost there. 

While absorbing every detail that surrounds me, I'll be sticking my nose to my school work. My time will come eventually.

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