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25 de octubre de 2013

Walking Stories

Have you ever felt like you belong somewhere else? You crave for a new life but your past comes back everytime you try to move on. It's normal —specially when you're a dreamer and you want to make things happen.

Salvatore Ferragamo takes me back to that moment where I was desperately wanting something more in my life. His recent project, called "Walking Stories", is a series of short films which can inspire every girl with a passion. Sara Campbell is a character who believes in following her fate. While Sara's on that journey, she meets Jared —the one who changed her life. She describes her feelings for him like the way she feels in her Salvatore Ferragamo clothes. They make her blush and they make her feel like home. 

Have you ever felt the same way? When you find a gorgeous dress that fits perfectly on your body and you don't want to take it off, or that shoe you wear almost every day because it feels like it is part of you. It happens to me a lot. 

Sara says she's not an artist but she doodles. It's a way to express herself. "Everyone should do that! I mean, not that, but something like that...", she tells in her diary (

Watch Walking Stories by Salvatore Ferragamo here:

Get inspired, follow your dreams, and believe in fate.
Andrea Devoto

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