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23 de noviembre de 2013

Free Falling

Yesterday, I took advantage of the gloomy day to sport a more appropriate outfit for Fall. This army green dress was hiding in my little apartment's closet begging for a stroll, so I wore it to have brunch and walk the neighborly streets of Old San Juan. 
I love the simplicity —yet mysteriousness— of this old city. Its variety of textures and colors create the perfect photo scenario. No matter how many times I come, I will always discover a new favorite door and cool details people add to their apartments or random street walls
I have to confess I was anxiously waiting for this crisp weather so I could ramble around wearing my dearest hat. I've been seeking for one all year long and it wasn't until Zara released its Fall/Winter collection that I could get my hands on this headpiece. 
It's amazing how a hat and a pair of sunnies add personality to an attire.  

What's your must have Fall accessory?  
Dress: UO / Hat: Zara / Sunglasses: 80's Purple / Purse: F21 / Shoes: Marshall's

Thanks for reading! 
Andrea Devoto

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