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16 de noviembre de 2013

Pop Art!

Halloween was coming up in two days, and I originally wasn't planning on dressing up or doing something that day. To my surprise, a late invite to a friend's party was enough to start brainstorming on possible ideas for a costume. I was looking for something that stood out but still could remain simple and classy. While browsing Pinterest for makeup ideas, I found this pop art costume. It was perfect! My inner artist got excited, and when the day arrived I managed to do the makeup pretty well. It came out better than I expected, considering that I didn't have any of the materials I was supposed to use. I used liquid eyeliner for the outlines of my face and the cat-eye, and painted the dots with red lipstick. I wish the dots where perfectly round but my lipstick's dullness prevented me from doing so. For my hair, I managed to create some waves with the help of bobby pins and hairspray.

I literally picked out my outfit the second before I did my makeup. I was aiming for a 50's vibe, so I went with dots, pearls, and my retro shoes. I actually sewed the pants myself some time ago, and they are so comfortable that I wear them everytime I can. 

Andrea Devoto

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