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17 de diciembre de 2013


 I believe in happy accidents, specially when it comes to clothes or accessories. I was at Forever 21 last week when I accidentally found this stunning skort hanging alone on top of some sweatshirts. It was meant to be, and to my surprise I had the exact change in my wallet to buy it. Isn't this serendipity? I believe it is. 
This happens to me very often when I go to the mall with no intentions to buy anything. They just appear right in front of me, and luckily I had the money this time.

Besides that, I'm really excited that I started Christmas break yesterday. Now I can take a little time to sew, draw, and keep my blog updated. Soon I'll be posting some creations that I'm dying to show you. 

Thanks for reading! 
Andrea Devoto

Shoes: Zara, Skort & Sunnies: F21, Jacket: Courtesy of my mom's closet, T-Shirt & Purse: Marshall's

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