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13 de marzo de 2014


Photos by: Maria Alejandra Delgado

The city of San Juan, Puerto Rico is very different from my hometown, Aguadilla. Although, they are just two hours apart, the people, the streets and the ambient are very different from each other. Since I moved to the city, my perspective in life has changed. I'm now studying journalism and my interest in fashion has grown even bigger. Now I have a blog, I'm an intern at a local magazine, I'm a college Athlete, and I'm working hard to have good grades. 
 Last weekend, while visiting my hometown, I had a meeting with a very talented jewelry designer called Daniela Siri, with whom I have been interested to collaborate for a while now. We talked about her brand called PineappleHeart and the new collection she's working on, Ge0. This collection is based on geometric shapes made with different types of stones and wire. If you're looking for a bohemian touch in your ensemble, PineappleHeart is exactly what you need.   
I'm in love with my new jewelry pieces. Now, I have a perfect accessory which I can incorporate to my outfits and that reminds me of where I come from; that unique and neighborly small town with such amazing beaches and free spirited lifestyle. 

Thanks for reading!
sincerely, Andrea Devoto

I'm wearing: Jewelry: PineappleHeart, Blouse and Lace Bra: F21, Jeans and Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: UO

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  1. Me encanta! También tengo un blog y te dejo el link por si quieres pasar ^_^