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28 de marzo de 2014

The Fashion Pack

Photo by: Maria Alejandra Delgado
Photo by: Maria Alejandra Delgado

Hello there, dear readers! These past few days have been specially exciting for me. I finally had the chance to meet some of the coolest people associated with Puerto Rico's fashion circuit and emerging blogosphere culture. San Juan Moda was a good excuse for everyone to meet up, and gave way to the start of a great sense of friendship between all of us. I'm talking about bloggers, designers, and people with great senses of style. Our devotion for fashion was what brought us all together. 
After a wholesome amount of fashion chit-chat, laughs and runways, we all agreed to hang around more often. Stay tuned for when this fashion pack meets again, you won't regret it. 

Get to know them individually:
Oda la Moda by Carla Fernandez
The Broke Girls by Charlie and Cristina
Elliptical Patterns by Frances and J Guillermo

Thanks for passing by! 
Sincerely, Andrea Devoto

2 comentarios:

  1. Dear Andrea,

    Although I haven't the chance to meet your acquaintance, I have to say you are, by far, one of the sweetest people I have ever had the opportunity to chat with (i.e. through our blogs or through Instagram)! Thank you for mentioning us (EP) on your post! Hopefully we can all make (up) an excuse to meet (up) soon. Till then, I wish you a beautiful day and happy writing/blogging...

    1. Oh, Thank you! You are the sweetest too. Your words mean so much. We have plans on meeting again, and you're obviously invited! So I'll let you and Frances know the details as soon as possible.
      Have a beautiful day you too!