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27 de mayo de 2014

CST Seat Belt Campaign

Hello, dear readers! Starting today, I would like to encourage all of you to wear your seat belt before hitting the road; knowing that it is the most important of all your accessories. My fellow bloggers and I joined the new CST –(Traffic Security Commission)– campaign, which stresses the importance of seat belt usage and the potential it has to save lives. Our challenge was to incorporate this accessory into our ensemble and to make it fashionable and fun. 
I will never forget my first car crash. My mom couldn't have said it enough: "don't forget to buckle up", like she knew something bad was going to happen. Ever since then, I've always made sure –with no exceptions– to secure myself while in a car. Just by staying true to this idea, i've helped in not only securing my life, but of others as well. That's exactly what this campaign sets off to accomplish, to reduce a 3% of traffic fatalities related to the lack of use of the seat belt. 

From right: Frances from The Pecking Order / Charlie from The Broke Girls / Carla from Oda la Moda / Jean from Jean Cintrón Photography

Trouser: F21 / Shoes: Zara

*Special thanks to Frances and her photographer for making these amazing pictures possible, and to Angeline Salado who approach us to participate on the campaign.

You CAN sit with us but don't forget to buckle up first! 

x Andrea Devoto

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