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2 de junio de 2014

Clicquot Urbane Style

An extraordinary building almost hidden between the streets of Santurce welcomed Veuve Clicquot to celebrate its new concept: Clicquot Urbane. This stunning place called Flora by Arquetipo and the help of it's owners Julio Cintrón and Emilio Olabarrieta, delivered a modern and sophisticated environment that this particular event required. Outside the place there was a terrace with lights hanging from side to side and a yellow food truck called "VCP Champagne Bar and Rolling Diner" serving delicious appetizers for people to try. Inside, there was an artist live painting in two different canvas while the DJ played an exquisite house music which completed the L.A. scene. A yellow stair headed us to the second floor where the champagne bar was located with their special three cocktail menu, including: "Simply the Best", "Clicquot Mint Lavender", and "Veuvellini". Charlie and I decided to try them all to see which one will be our favorite, and we decided for "Simply the Best", which was made of strawberries puree, vanilla extract, fresh lemon juice and of course, Veuve Clicquot Brut.

Thank you, Charlie for inviting me to be part of this experience. We had a lot of fun!
Sincerely, Andrea Devoto

I decided to sport my Magical Piece again with a Zara top and strappy shoes which ended up being perfect for this sophisticated and modern experience. 
(Charlie rocking the monochrome pantsuit)

(Char Pabon, Emilio Olabarrieta, and I)

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