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23 de septiembre de 2014

Cherry Bomb

I know very little about hair and makeup, and I have to confess that I get overwhelmed every time I enter a beauty and makeup store like Sephora.  This is why I prefer to get my beauty products from the nearest pharmacy —not too many options and it fits my budget.  Although I avoid wearing makeup on a daily basis and my hair is always a mess, when it comes down to getting all dressed up, I enjoy the makeup/hairdressing process as much as I enjoy selecting the perfect outfit; it is pure satisfaction.  I have been doing my hair and makeup for as long as I can remember without any help (okay, maybe some Youtube help, but that's it), and suddenly I found myself doing all of my friends' styling before going out.  It just came natural to me. 
I recently discovered the magic of mousse; you put it on your hand, watch it grow into a snowball, and then you spread it all over your hair to style it however you want.  It's pretty fun and effective.  Now I find myself wearing it almost every day to achieve a perfect bun or ponytail that lasts even after my soccer practice.  In these pictures, I just applied the mousse to nicely emphasize the waves of my hair, and then did my usual side-part hairstyle to score a glamorous look. 
When it comes to my makeup, I like simplicity.  Since my eyelid is practically not visible, wearing too much eye shadow is almost non sense.  That's why the majority of the time I choose a cat-eye instead, which make my eyes look bigger.  This time, I did a faded smoky eye and managed to add a dramatic flare to the look with a bold lipstick as per usual. 
  So, this is what I call my "Fall's Classic Look".
What do you think?

Andrea Devoto

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