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6 de octubre de 2014

The Book of Life Movie Style

On Friday morning the Arteaga & Arteaga team was waiting for us bloggers to arrive to their amazing office to finally get their new project started.  We didn't know what to expect —to be honest— but we were all excited to take part in it.  The team wanted us to participate in the promotion for the movie The Book of Life, and to encourage everyone to participate in a contest that I will share with you later in this post.  They gave us the chance to pick out an outfit inspired by the movie, and get our makeup done by a professional makeup artist.  We were all thrilled when we saw the end results; it felt like we were actually in a movie.  We also had a blast taking pictures and filming the video.  

My outfit was inspired by the romantic scenes that played out in the movie.  To achieve this look I chose a colorful skirt with a particularly interesting print, giving its resemblance with one of the scene's backgrounds.  The T-shirt is reminiscent of the love affair in which the main characters are entangled; that proves out to be one of great adventure and peril.  
 I personally asked the makeup artist to paint my lips gold, which ended up being a nice stylish touch to the original makeup. 

(Bloggers: Charlie, me, Carla)

If you are as marveled as we are about this makeup, now you have the opportunity to participate for a chance to be adorned as a sugar skull by a professional makeup artist, and also you'll be attending with us to the movie premiere of The Book of Life. 
Follow these steps to participate:
1. Do your own creative makeup of a sugar skull inspired by the movie (The Book of Life).
2. Take a picture of your makeup.
3. Send it here and cross your fingers.

I hope you win!
Andrea Devoto

P.S. I'd like to give a special thanks to Angeline Salado and her amazing team Arteaga & Arteaga for contacting us to be part of this project. It was so much fun and you are all a delight.

Makeup tutorial by Ingrid Rivera:

Watch the movie trailer here: 

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