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22 de diciembre de 2013

Delightful Day

I'm finally back at my hometown! I would take advantage of this Christmas break —as usual— to eat, eat, —and did I mention eat?— every time I can at all of my favorite places around this small town. So, today was the beginning of my eating journey. I had lunch at "Cocina Creativa", and then I stuffed my belly with a lot of sweets. I have to confess that I'm addicted to sweets and a day doesn't pass in which I don't eat at least a piece of chocolate. Luckily, I play soccer to burn all those calories and stay healthy. 
For this delightful day I chose to wear my horse print dress (which is probably the craziest print you can find in my closet), and this jacket, courtesy of my mom's wardrobe, to cover from those chilly winds. The end result was chic, fun, but still comfortable.

Happy Holidays!
Andrea Devoto

Dress and Jacket: Marshall's, Sunnies: UO, Sandals: Zara

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